How can Eddie help?

Instructional Support

  • Skills Assessments
  • Creative Development Opportunities
  • Co-Teaching Mediation
  • On call, onsite instructional coaching

Academic Management

  • Student Learning Assessments
  • Standardized Assessment Interpretation
  • Student Learning Support
  • Information Gathering
  • School Based Meeting Attendance

district wide training

  • Data Interpretation
  • Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Resource Re-alignment
  • Efficacy Recognition

Customized Teaching and Learning Plans

Everyone who has something to learn can benefit from taughtology.  Using established development frameworks, executive and personal coaching strategies and creative solutions, we can customize a teaching, learning or development plan to fit students and families, teachers and districts.

What Works?

Everything!  Almost every instructional practice/method works for someone.  We help educators, school leaders, families and students find what works for them!

Next Steps…

Are the children you work with achieving to their full potential?  Are you sure?

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