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The Virginia Department of Education has released its annual accreditation ratings.  The good news, 40.9% of schools in Richmond Public Schools are accredited.  The other news is that 40.3% are NOT.   If those schools reflect the number of students in the Richmond this means that approximately 10,000 students are not receiving the basic level of education mandated by the state.

What is accreditation?

The same way that banks decide if borrowers are creditworthy, states decide if schools and groups are creditworthy, or accredited.  If a school or a school district is meeting the BASIC requirements of an effective education, they receive the state’s seal of approval for creditworthiness. Therefore, about 20 Richmond Public Schools are either not meeting those standards or the panel is still trying to decide.

What this means

So, we used the state’s numbers to develop a chart to help you figure out which schools are accredited by district which we will publish when its easier to read.  But what we learned is that there is no single middle school in Richmond Public Schools, outside of Franklin Military which is a 6-12 program, currently educating its students to meet basic standards.

So, if whether your child starts at an elementary school that is accredited or not, when they move on to sixth grade, his or her school will not meet basic requirements.  That means, they will lack the skill set to succeed in high school, to compete with other students in the state or country and to get a job which requires a strong knowledge base.


Is your child’s school meeting minimum standards? Is the minimum good enough to secure a future?  Contact Taughtology or check the Complete 180 daily for tips, tricks and tools for improving your child’s academic experience.





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