Making (up) the grade?

For many students, a report card every nine weeks determines what privileges they will have for the following nine weeks.  What happens when a teachers creative grading, based on something other than student performance, gives families false hope or false concern about their child’s progress?

How to tell if grades are created and not earned?

  1. 5,10,15,20….The numbers breakdown evenly in multiples of 5.  For some reason, when teachers are in a pinch and “giving” grades, the numbers break down evenly in multiples of 5.  If you suspect that your child’s grades don’t really show what they know request a copy of the gradebook and compare assignments.
  2. Miss Match…Cute on socks not in learning.  When the test or benchmark assessment grades are much higher or much lower than the class grades there may be come creative grading.
  3. No Comment…When there is no action item or list of resources to use to better support a student after a “good” (A,B) or “bad” (C or below), is given, the grades may be created.

Many well-meaning teachers create grades to meet deadlines or because they realize they haven’t given any assignments.  However, a student’s future success will be determined on the accuracy and alignment of what they are learning or not learning today.  If we are honest about where the student currently is, good or bad, we can ensure the student is making the grades as opposed to teachers making up the grades.

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