Cookie Monsters


Years ago, my mother started a tradition with the kids in the family that persists. She issued a proclamation that there will always be fresh baked cookies (more from Keebler than from scratch) on the first day of school. Naturally, kids and cookies go together so at the Labor Day cookout every year, they put orders in for the types of cookies they wanted. Well, last year, she thought the kids, ALL of whom are in double digits, had now outgrown the tradition and decided to take herself to Hawaii. The weeping and gnashing of teeth that ensued for not noshing on cookies laid the foundation for a guilt trip much more memorable than her Hawaii excursion. Needless to say, she learned her lesson and the cookies are baking as we speak.

Education is a part of the culture of effective families. While it is important that families create rules and routines help students know it is serious celebratory rituals make it memorable and fun!

Does your family have a Day 1 back to school ritual? Any other rituals?

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