Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So, you’re interested in helping Richmond Public Schools improve its instructional quality too.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.  If you don’t find your question or answer here, contact us.

Why Eddie?

Eddie is currently a group of professionals who are products of public schools and mostly products of Richmond Public Schools.  We want to make sure the education available sets students up for success in both their futures and their current realities.

Who does Eddie Serve?

We support any group or individual that needs connection to strategies and resources to improve service delivery.  We work with:

  • teachers needing assistance using data strategically
  • co-teaching pairs desiring more effective collaboration
  • principals  establishing or re-establishing school visions
  • families struggling to decipher eduspeak
  • families creating college and career plans
  • students wanting more from their learning experience

Is Eddie an advocacy group?

Of course! We advocate for effective equitable education for all.  Since we believe in collaborative advocacy, in which all parties are speaking authentically in attempts to achieve the same goal, we are don’t speak for any person or group.  Rather, we speak for the learning process.  As learning advocates we are interested in recognizing and repeating effective instructional practices.

How can I help?

Any way you can.  We are currently searching for Richmond-based businesses to provide professional development opportunities for teachers.

When can we speak?

Use our contact us page to connect.  We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

Where are you located?

Wherever there is a learning challenge in the 804 area code, we are there.