Who is Eddie?

Who Are We?

We are a mixed bag of thinkers and learners who believe that every member of the community has a skill we can use to improve public education.

  • We are products of and producers for Richmond Public Schools, just like YOU.
  • We believe in public education just like YOU.
  • We cannot improve public schools without YOU.

We are …



teachers, school leaders, school support



…and the families that love them.



businesses, non-profits and future employers of RPS students

Guiding Question:

How much more could students in Richmond achieve if we all worked together?

We are a group concerned dedicated to collaborative instructional advocacy in RVA.  We are a non-partisan group, which focuses on education and not schools.  While others can debate school choice, our concern is instructional quality.   We celebrate effective instructional practices and search for unique, community-based supports to replicate those practices for all students in the greater Richmond area.

Our Story

Eddie began with the understanding that Richmond Public Schools are struggling to harness the resources essential to its success.  As of right now, only 17/44 schools in the district are fully accredited, meaning only about 33% of the students in our great city are getting a basic education.   There is no single program, practice or person that will solve our school system’s problems.   Through the collective efforts of many industries and individuals, we will restore education in our schools.


By locating community-based resources in the city, Eddie seeks to connect parties interested in public education into targeted action both large and small.  Combining best practices in professional, personal and pedagogical development, we support educators and families in reaching effective solutions for student learning and academic success.

Next Steps…

But enough about us.

Let’s get to work